Channing Tatum’s Hidden Talent — Matthew McConaughey Impersonation

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum made an appearance on David Letterman last night and who would have thunk that he could do a Matthew McConaughey impersonation.


Tatum was born in Alabama, and raised in Mississippi; it makes since that he does it so well. It’s amazing that he sounds exactly like McConaughey. Ladies, he’s funny and good looking.



Letterman – “You do a little Matthew McConaughey. Matt Damon does the Matthew McConaughey. Let’s here yours.”


Channing Tatum- “All right, all right, all right. I see a lot of lovely ladies in the house tonight. I like that. How you doing, Mr. Letterman, you doing all right today?”


Letterman- “I’m doing just fine” Laughed. “And now it’s getting a little creepy.


Also check out Matt Damon imitating Matthew McConaughey, if you want another laugh.

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