Amelia Lily’s Parents Upset Over Their Daughter’s Dismissal From the X-Factor

Amelia Lily’s parents lashed back after their daughter’s abrupt dismissal from the X-Factor, calling the judge’s decision “cruel” and claiming that the X-Factor treated contestants unfairly:  “I know it’s a competition, but I don’t know why the contestants are built up so much and then so easily dropped.  You have to expect ups and downs in the entertainment industry, but this was very cruel. The contestants are put in a vulnerable position.”  Seriously, what did Amelia’s parents expect?  Reality shows care about ratings, not about the feelings of this year’s batch of contestants.  Reality show competitions like the X-Factor thrive on belittling their contestants–there’s a reason that one of the most popular episodes of American Idol every season is the one in which all the rejects, who think that they’re God’s gift to the singing world and yet can’t carry a tune, are mocked and then booted unceremoniously out of the audition.  Regarding the case of Amelia Lily, the judges didn’t put her in a vulnerable position–you did.  You had to have known what reality shows were like, and you allowed your daughter to perform anyway.  This is on you, not the judges who kicked your daughter off the show.

Amelia Lily Crying


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