Roman Polanski “Regrets” Raping 13 Year-Old Girl

Roman PolanskiIn his first TV interview since being sent to a Swiss prison for raping a thirteen year-old girl in 1977.  After accepting a plea bargain in which five of the original six charges were dropped, Polanski, a French citizen, fled the U.S. rather than risk going to jail.  In 2009, Polanski was arrested in Switzerland at the request of U.S. authorities, who sought to extradite Polanski to the U.S.  Switzerland eventually released from Polanski jail.  Polanski has since both apologized and settled a civil suit with his victim, Samantha Geimer.

In the interview, Polanski stated that he had regretted the rape for thirty-three years, noting that Ms. Geimer had been victimized twice as a result of his actions—first by Polanski, and then by the press.  Later on in the interview, Polanski praised Switzerland for refusing to extradite him to the U.S., stating that he “cannot abide political correctness, which only hides the ugliness in all of us under a veneer.”  Polanski further spoke about his traumatic past, including the murder of his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, by the Manson family as well as his experiences as child during WWII in a Jewish Ghetto.

Prosecuting child rapists is not, and will never be, “political correctness,” Mr. Polanski.  Your words of apology and regret—as well as the money that you threw at a problem in order to make it go away—will always ring hollow so long as you continue to evade legal repercussions for what you did.  Your own traumas do not excuse the traumas that you inflict upon others.  It is a disgrace that Switzerland has allowed you to hide behind your fame and your wealth. Absolving yourself of  responsibility by claiming that the “political correctness veneer” that covers your ugliness is a bit thinner than it is for the rest of us is utterly reprehensible and abhorrent.  I, for one, will never laud your brilliance as a filmmaker when you are so loathsome and despicable as a man.

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  1. Chaim Paddaman says:

    Harvey Weinstein and the Hollywood elite present with distinctive clinical manifestations of malignant narcissistic traits. Weinstein and the Hollywood elite believe that Roman Polanski’s sexual abuse of a child was an Hollywood entitlement. The sole purpose of state and federal law is not to benefit Weinstein and the Hollywood elite, as they demanded soft Hollywood justice for Polanski. Harvey Weinstein bankrolled the political campaign of Hillary Clinton. It makes you think. How many complimentary tickets to the Hollywood casting couch have been issued to politicians and district attorney’s? Is it the casting couch that have made Hollywood untouchable and above the law? Weinstein is up to his eyeballs in sleaze. He is dangerous. He is not a mensch. Give Harvey Weinstein his dues, he knows where the bacon is at; Between the pig’s tochas. Alas, Porky Weinstein is a mishugener..

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