Look Like Hollywood With Homemade Cosmetics!

Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities go tyo outrageous lengths to looks fabulous. Friom chocolate baths to orange peel wraps, celebrities pay (and can afford to) thousands of dollars to look amazing. Here are some clever ways to make your very own cosmetics and because they are natural, they are good for you skin.

  • Yogurt Face Mask

Putting yogurt on your face sounds a bit crazy, but it can be a great skin-brightening, moisturizing mask on its own for sensitive skin. Combine a dollup of yogurt with half a cup of non-instant oatmeal, mix, and apply. The lactic acid in the yogurt softens skin gently, and can be great for dehydrated and congested skin. Leave it in for 15 minutes, and rinse. No need to wash after.

  • Shave oil

Outside the shower, grab an oil of your choice. Olive and coconut works best. Apply to it to desired area. These specific oils are skin friendly and will not clog your pores. You will be surprised to see how much the oils mentioned outweigh shaving gels and foams. Smooth sailing and less breakouts!

  • Eyeliner
No joke! Use a capsule of activated charcoal (you can usually find them at most pharmacies and any health food stores). Instead of ingesting it for a belly ache, dump out the contents on a clean surface, moisten the tip of a makeup brush with water, and sweep it on like you would any other eye liner. It goes on easily and lasts just as long as regular powdered liner. This has no preservatives, artificial dyes, fragrance, and other chemicals.

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