Will Casey Anthony Get Away With Murder?

This story was originally posted on July 3rd. Wow, I stand corrected. She’s walking!

Some experts have been talking about the possibility of Casey Anthony getting an involuntary manslaughter sentencing. The defense certainly attempted the OJ Simpson defense tactic, insinuating that the investigation had holes in it or was tampered with. Luckily, Casey had a clown posse, not a dream team.

The defense will probably use the line, “my defendant should not get the death penalty based on circumstantial evidence. This is all circumstantial.” Now, there have been death penalties handed down on circumstantial cases, so hopefully this jury feels the way most of us do. In this case, an involuntary conviction would be an injustice. Casey allegedly drove around in her car with Caylee in the trunk, bagged her, and threw her in a swamp full of trash. Any juror that considers that “involuntary” probably shouldn’t have been on the jury panel in the first place.

All the jury had to do was look at the monster. I mean, who smiles in court when they are there for the murder of THEIR daughter?!

casey anthony reaction in court

A woman who was jailed for 17 years stated on HLN’s Nancy Grace show that even if she is in protective custody away from the prison’s general population, “the girls are waiting for her”. There will be a time when she will have to be around the other inmates. I am not fond of criminals nor do I wish harm on anyone, but to me-Casey Marie Anthony is sub-human.  IF by some insane reason her sentence is deemed “involuntary manslaughter”, she has a list of other charges: lying to law enforcement, child neglect and child abuse.

casey anthony mug shot

I didn’t follow OJ all that much, Susan Smith admitted it, and Andrea Yates was a REAL nutcase who didn’t lie about it.  Casey’s lies about her father, ruining people’s lives (even outside of Caylee’s), partying like a rock star while Caylee was dead, and her lack of feeling when they discussed decomposition and her daughter’s death- disgusts me. I believe she is probably one of the most despised people in the world right now. Casey Anthony, in my opinion, is the epitome of filth. Think about a moment when you watched your Dad cry? It’s tough to watch men cry, let alone watching them cry over the death of their grandchild. Casey sat there stone faced with a look of disgust. Was she mad that her father didn’t take the fall for her? I believe he may have lied to protect his daughter, but the turning point came when he was accused of molesting her as a child. George Anthony is a former police detective. Did she really think he would sit there and take that after allegedly taking his grand daughter away?

george anthony crying

Closing arguments are on tap for Sunday, 9 AM EST. I will be watching the closing arguments from start to finish and will post a run down of the day’s events. I have been following this story since Caylee was reported missing. Part of me is watching and cheering the prosecution hoping this filth is put away for a long time. The majority of me is watching for Caylee.  The death penalty, if given, would put fear of all that is evil in Casey’s mind for years to come-even if it takes a long time before she is put to death. Life in prison; Maybe at some point she will accept what she did to her daughter and will have to think about it for the rest of her life. Anything less is not justice. Please allow this murder trial be a warning to all Americans that you just cannot get away with murder. Make Americans proud, lady justice.

caylee sitting with jeff ashton and linda burdick


6 Responses to Will Casey Anthony Get Away With Murder?

  1. Vee says:

    I doubt that KC will get the death penalty. If the officer had been a tad more observant the first time Kronk called 911 we might have had the smoking gun to bury this excuse for a human being. IMHO, the best we can hope for, is life without the possibility of parole. I believe Judge Perry is holding off removing the death penalty, just so this little princess can sweat right up until the last moment. KC is truly evil personified. This woman has taken everything from her parents that could be possibly be taken away; their grand baby, their jobs, even their integrity. BTW, I’ve been following this story since it first broke…….. Oak Hill, FL

    • Krysten Michaels says:

      Hi Vee-thanks so much for your response. I noticed you live in Florida so this really must have hot home for you. Even though this started when I lived in PA to Los Angeles, this little girl-I believe-became a part of all of our lives. I think Judge Belvin is a TREMENDOUS judge. As for the Cindy and George, their lives will never be normal. I doubt anybody will ever hire them. So-if they go an do interviews and book deals, good for them. They have to make a living. If they do it in good faith, I support it. Every bit of dignity has been taken from them, so if they have to get it back through explaining their story or the truths that Casey turned into lies, good for them. As for Casey, there are moments I actually pity her. She is a pretty girl who could have went to school and had a good life. As soon as I think of Caylee, the pity is gone-so I guess you can say they are mere moments of pity. Casey deserves to pay for her crime, the family needs to find a peace, and those of that have been following this are taking something away from it. Thanks again,l Vee!

  2. Lorri says:

    Get away with Murder!!!! I hope she rots in Hell!
    All the lies and cover up in this trial sick!!
    Fantastic Artical!!!!

  3. Tammy says:

    I hope she gets what she deserves, the lyin good for nothing that she is, let her rot in hell like Lorri said….
    good job on the article Krysten

  4. Jackie Boo says:

    This is the problem with the MED
    She had not been convicted of anything when this was wrote, you are not in the court room , you did not hear all of the evidence ( that the jury did) and at this time I believe that jury made the right chose. 12 people including one of the alternate juror all agreed and I think we as a society need to SHUT UP AND TRUST THAT THEY HAD REASON FOR THEIR DECISION. THEY HAD EVIDENCE THAT WAS NOT PRESENTED.
    I do not know if she( Casey Anthony) over chloroformed her or if the child drowned ,but I am willing to believe that George her father KNOWS SOMETHING AND IS A CHILD MOLESTER, the look on his face was that of a GUILTY MAN. and she stared at him cold face because she has been carrying a horrible deep dark secret for years , George is a known violent man who a criminal past, COP OR NO COP, THERE IS SOMETHING DIRTY ABOUT THIS MAN. He is a control freak.
    I do believe her death was a accident and I do believe every thing else was a cover up. and I think George helped. or,, at least knew about it and told her what to do. after all he is a ex cop,,
    I think the prosecution should have gone for manslaughter and they probably would have won. but as usually with prosecution they got carried away.

  5. AubeO says:

    She did it.

    SHE knows it, her parents know it, that slimeball Baez knows it, and so do we.

    I’m just NOT going to watch ANY interviews for which anyone associated with her acquittal may have been paid. I’m not buying any books or magazines on the subject where she, her pathologically lying family, her defense team, or some spineless jurors will be paid for their inputs. I will not support TV, movies, networks or sponsors making money on Caylee’s murder. I can’t stand that these bits of human waste -most especially her own mother- now want to PROFIT by the death of a 2 year old child.

    RIP, Caylee. YOU were NOT garbage. Your mother is.

    For those of you who likewise do not want to see Casey Anthony profit by murdering Caylee, visit http://www.facebook.com/groups/215615618474457 or


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