Dedication to Burdick and Ashton in the Casey Anthony Trial

Dedication to Burdick and Ashton in the Casey Anthony Trial

Today, would like to shout a big “hell yea” to the State of Florida! State attorneys Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton, two of the attorneys representing the state and seeking the death penalty for Casey Anthony, basically took nearly every witness the defense relied on and slayed them to the state’s benefit. Today, the alleged mistress of George Anthony, River Cruz was brought to tears and sweat by Attorney Jeff Ashton. Ashton elaborated that River Cruz went to the National Enquirer AFTER she gave sworn testimony that she never had an affair with George Anthony. Basically in a nutshell-River Cruz told law enforcement under oath in the past that she never had the affair. The same week she was paid four thousand dollars by the National Enquirer and said she did have an affair.

Hmm. I smell smoke. Liar, liar pants on fire?

Also, Cindy Anthony, mother of Casey Anthony, said she was home the day there were searches for chloroform made on the family computer. It is my opinion that she was covering Casey’s ass by saying that. The state attorneys obtained proof that Cindy Anthony was indeed at work that day. The defense tried to keep that proof out of court today and Judge Perry is allowing the state to prove that Cindy Antony was working.

Ruh Ruh. Like a dungeon dragon!

May the jurors in the Casey Anthony case see the truths. Lady justice, with hope, is shining her shoes and tightening her whip!


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  1. Kelly says:

    My name is Kelly,
    I have been watching this Casey Anthony Story Since It began about 3 Years Ago, I could Not WAIT! UNTIL IT CAME TO TRIAL! I have been recording this Trial Since It Started, Not just recording (IN SESSION) also HLN Prime News And So ON! Recording more than 8 Hours A (DAY) As of Today: (June 30th, 2011) I have noticed During The Day Of This Trial, “When The Young Man Filpped Off Jeff Ashton, I watched the Whole Hours Of This Regarding all Action’s Of This Bartlet Gentleman,Before he had showed his Middle Fingure, I also was watching (BIAZ) Actions Before Bartlet’s Actions, I then Noticed That MR. BIAZ Kept On Touching or Rubbing his RIGHT EAR. I’m wondering if this young man (Bartlet Was Hired To Do What He Did?)
    If you just watch this you will see what I MEAN!
    Bartlet was not nervous at all, This Person can’t make much MONEY as a SERVER? Please Review This Court Recording On June 30,2011? Am I WRONG OR RIGHT!

    • Krysten Michaels says:

      Kelly-good point! I noticed some strange body language from Baez. He grilled George Anthony for staying at The Ritz, but failed to mention he had dinner with them at The Ritz! I suppose he forgot about the time he spent with Geraldo Rivera on a lavish boat as well.

  2. Margie says:

    Jeff Ashton made the most coherent closing statement today that ever was heard on this planet. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the case he and Ms Buedick have developed on behalf of Baby Caylee.
    I so enjoy the photo of Jeff laughing today and who could have held back a laugh on that occasion? May blessings lay at your bedside for your defense of Caylee A.

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