Mike Adamle Is 61 And Reckless

Mike Adamle Is 61 And Reckless

The original host of American Gladiator, Mike Adamle,  was arrested for a DUI this past Monday.  You really have to drink and drive though, buddy?  If I can afford a cab, so can you.  You want the number to Yellow Cab because I have it in my pocket.  This guy is 61 years old and getting pulled over for drinking and driving.  Shouldn’t he be a wise old man by now?  Glad you’re O.K. there Mike.  We just hope you get slammed with fines on Valentine’s Day. (his next court date)

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  1. KrystenLA says:

    This has been going on for years with so many celebrities. I’m sure this has nothing to do with affording a cab, but may have something to do with laziness or publicity. Take for example Paris “it’s gum in my purse” Hilton. (Coming from a girl that grew up in a small town and would sneak behind buildings to smoke a funny cigarette before going into a club)…why would she make it a point to BLOW the smoke out of her rich bitch SUV only for the police to be RIGHT there? It’s called PR. NO PR is bad PR…and bad PR *IS* PR.

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